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Veteran Owned Business

Veteran Owned Business


All Auto Glass is a veteran owned business and is a member of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association.

Jack Beckman, President of All Auto Glass and one of the owners, served in the U.S. Navy from 1964 through 1968.  Jack was stationed and spent time in San Francisco, San Diego and Midway Island in the Pacific. He served aboard the USS Constellation, A Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carrier during Vietnam from 1966-1968. During his nine month “cruises” off the coast of Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin, the ship’s crew operated 24 hours a day with duty shifts working 12 hours per day.  The Constellation also visited Hawaii, the Philippines, Japan and Hong Kong several times.

Built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the late 1950’s, the USS Constellation was commissioned in 1961, costing $265 million dollars. The vessel was deployed to the Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam in 1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968 during the Vietnam War. While the sailors, Marines, pilots and air-crew were dedicated and worked hard, the ship’s duty was to support the Marines and Army soldiers fighting on the ground during the war.

Veterans like Jack served their country during the Vietnam War and when they came back to America most were not treated well.  They had to adjust to life away from conflict and as you could imagine, it is not easy to be involved in any U.S. military mission one day and arrive home to their friends and family and try to quickly adjust.

Jack, like many other veterans of foreign wars found purpose after serving by starting businesses like All Auto Glass.  Several employees of All Auto Glass are fellow veterans including an auto glass technician (U.S. Army) and another Navy veteran turned salesman.

Veteran owned businesses are worth trusting.  When they look you in the eye and talk with you, they tell you the honest truth whether it’s about your auto glass needs or their experiences in the military.  If you want to “thank a veteran”, know that your support of All Auto Glass is one way to do it.

We urge you to support veteran owned businesses.