You may need All Auto Glass to do auto glass repair White Bear Lake if you have a vehicle that gets recalled and the local dealer allows it to be fixed at shops like All Auto Glass.

It seems like every time you read a newspaper or watch TV these days you hear about yet another car or truck recall. Here’s a recall All Auto Glass wants you to know about: 2014 Ford Escapes.

One of Ford’s innovative roof features is the panorama roof glass. Instead of the small sun roof or moon roof on most vehicles, Ford has decided to make the majority of the roof using a large piece of glass, so natural light can easily shine down into the vehicle—kind of like a convertible, without the hassle.

There’s a problem, though. Ford recently issued a statement about its Escapes’ glass roofs indicating there’s a “potential issue with panorama roof glass that may have an improperly cured urethane bond between the glass and the attaching bracket.”

Because of the improper curing, the panorama roof glass may make awkward noise, leak water, or worse— separate itself from the vehicle. Ford realizes this problem could cause accidents or injuries, and therefore issued the recall of 2014 Ford Escapes.

Ford would like all owners of these vehicles to call their local Ford dealer and have the issue specifically checked at a Ford dealership.

Thankfully no accidents or injuries have happened—yet. Ford is smart to get the word out about the recall, which affects certain Ford Escapes built in October 2013 at Ford’s Louisville Assembly Plant. According to Ford’s records, there are about 1,870 recalled Escapes in the U.S., with 143 in Canada and 114 in Mexico.

If you don’t have a 2014 Escape, you don’t have to worry about this recall notice. However, if you do have an issue with your current vehicle, and you need auto glass repair White Bear Lake, please call 651-659-2984.