Who here agrees that this past winter was one of the coldest, most brutal winters we’ve had in a long time? Sure, it’s typically chilly, snowy and icy in Minnesota each winter, but this past one was a relentlessly rough one.

Our poor roads have had to deal with freezing and melting and plows, and they sure took a beating. You know what that means: potholes. It seems like they’re everywhere. Minnesota used to be known for 10,000 lakes—today, it feels like a typical Minnesota road is full of 10,000 potholes. Way too many potholes are messing with vehicles’ tires, alignments, and even windshields.

All Auto Glass Forest Lake knows this all too well. Business is booming for our many windshield installers and repairers.

If it’s not ice falling from on high off bridges onto cars’ windshields, it’s the brutal impact of the potholes below which are causing or increasing windshield chips and cracks left and right around Forest Lake and the Twin Cities’ region.

Indeed, insurance companies have noted that calls and claims are up 30% this year, because potholes are really messing with people’s vehicles.

Have you driven through what looks like a giant crater, at a fast speed, only to discover that “bump” in the road left your windshield with a crack or a chip? Not good, right? Or did you already have a “small” crack that the pothole impact turned “bigger?” You need to get it fixed.

All Auto Glass Forest Lake can have your windshield crack or chip repaired quickly and conveniently—either at one of our area locations, or we can come to you! All Auto Glass Forest Lake is just a phone call away, at 651-464-2287. Let us know your situation, and we’ll take care of your cracked or chipped windshield as soon as possible.