All Auto Glass St Paul, MN, is in the business of fixing and/or replacing vehicle windshields.

Why would you need the services of All Auto Glass St Paul?

Picture it: you’re driving on the highway when the dump truck in front of you hits a bump and all of the sudden a hailstorm of little stones flies your way. Soon your vehicle and windshield are being pelted by these stones and you are not pleased. Maybe you let out a swear word, or maybe you make a scowling face. This is not good. You’re late for work, the radio is blaring, you have a headache because you got a bad night’s sleep, and now you’re examining your windshield to figure out whether or not one of those stones did any damage.

Sure enough, you discover a little chip in your windshield. You want to let out a scream, but you’re pulling into the parking lot at work and don’t want to embarrass yourself when you see the boss is nearby.

What are you going to do about the chip in the windshield? You want to ignore it, pretending like it doesn’t exist. But you know, deep down, that a little chip can and will eventually turn into a bigger chip and so you do what people do: you google “best auto glass repair shop.” And, since you live in the Twin Cities metro area, up pops “All Auto Glass” on your computer screen.

You check their website; they’re a veteran-owned business with multiple locations. So far, so good. They’ve got an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Nice. Their “about us” says they’re a member of the National Glass Association (NGA), the Independent Glass Association (IGA), the Minnesota Glass Association (MGA) and PGW PROSTARS. And, best of all, they’ve been in business for decades so they’re well-established.

You notice All Auto Glass St Paul can be reached by phone at 651-659-2984 so you call. They say they can send their mobile repair unit over to your parking lot today to fix the chip. You let out a sigh of relief– one less thing to worry about now.

Don’t let a little chip or crack turn into a big problem. Simply said, in the Twin Cities region, All Auto Glass St Paul is your best choice for windshield repairs and replacements.