All Auto Glass offers auto glass repair Blaine, MN. All Auto Glass is a veteran-owned company with more than half a dozen locations serving Minnesotans who need windshield repairs. You can trust that All Auto Glass will only do work that’s needed, and not add additional work to take money out of your pocket. When you need auto glass repair Blaine, All Auto Glass is a reputable company, with well-trained technicians and the ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

People are sometimes leery about windshield repairs because they’ve been scammed or know someone who has been scammed. There are several scams to be on the lookout for, including any person who approaches you in a parking lot and offers to replace a perfectly good windshield. Hard as it is to believe, some scammers manage to convince people to replace their windshield—which doesn’t need replacing—and your insurance gets charged needlessly.

A variation on the aforementioned scam is when you have a small crack in your windshield, and the scammer convinces you to replace the entire windshield with a new, expensive one. Also, make sure to read the paperwork involved to make sure your insurance company is not getting charged for work not done. Scammers tend to add on charges to the bill, escalating the repair costs when not needed. With regards to your insurance policy, make sure you check and see that a scammer hasn’t charged more than one windshield replacement without your knowledge. Scammers can use your insurance information to take advantage of you and the system.

Another thing to avoid is having your windshield replaced by someone working out of their own truck. These types approach you in public and pester you about doing repairs or replacements—avoid them. Also, if someone’s trying to lure you into their scam by offering movie tickets or car wash passes to get you to pay them to fix or replace your windshield, watch out—it could be a scam.

It’s best to deal with a reputable company that’s well-known in your community for professional auto glass repair. In Blaine, that’s All Auto Glass Repair Blaine. Call 763-784-5922 with any questions you might have.