When a thief breaks into a car, they often smash glass to get inside. For auto glass repair Forest Lake, All Auto Glass can take care of the mess and replace broken glass so you can get “back to normal” as best you can after a vehicle break-in. When you need auto glass repair in Forest Lake, experienced technicians can fix or replace what was broken.

Oftentimes, when someone experiences a vehicle break-in, they’re stunned and don’t know how to react. Well, their first reaction is probably one of shock. Later, they’re angry that someone messed with their stuff.

If your vehicle has been broken into, the first thing to do is call the police and have them come fill out a police report detailing the crime scene. Don’t touch/move anything before the police come. In addition, ask the police for a copy of their report, so you can file an insurance claim with it.

After calling the police, it’s time to call your auto insurance company and report the incident. Share with the representative as many details as you can remember regarding what was in the vehicle, what parts of it were destroyed, and what you’re sure was stolen. It helps to take pictures of the damage, if possible.

Finally, in case someone stole wallets or purses or phones containing private information, such as credit card numbers, do your best to call your bank(s) and credit card companies to alert them to the fact that someone stole your stuff. If keys were taken along with cards showing home addresses, change the locks as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, car break-ins are an all too common occurrence. Auto glass repair Forest Lake is done at All Auto Glass, so if you need to get a new windshield or side/back windows fixed, don’t hesitate to call 651-464-2287.