All Auto Glass offers auto glass service Burnsville, MN, south of downtown Minneapolis, and also likes to keep customers current regarding what’s going on in the automotive industry.

It turns out that GM has recalled several of its cars that need their ignition switches replaced. Because the switches weren’t working properly on several vehicles, inadvertently shutting them off, there have been more than a dozen deaths and several dozen crashes during the past few years. Obviously, GM wanted to take care of this problem on its cars, so a recall was necessary, and hasn’t seemed to damage their brand or market share.

More than two and a half million cars were recalled in the U.S., Canada and Mexico this year because of the faulty ignition switch. The following GM vehicles have been included in the recall:

Chevy Cobalt (2005-2007)
Chevy HHR (2006-2007)
Pontiac G5 (2007)
Pontiac Solstice (2006-2007)
Saturn Ion (2003-2007)
Saturn Sky (2006-2007)

At issue is the ignition defect—if it gets jarred or pulled by a heavy key chain, it can inadvertently switch off the engine as well as disable the front air bags. By the way—GM knew about this problem since 2004 or so, according to reports. Why it took them until 2014 to take care of it is a question many people are asking, including customers of All Auto Glass service Burnsville.

Meanwhile, GM has just recalled 60,000 Saturn Aura cars from 2007 and 2008 because their automatic transmission shift levers can show the wrong gear, causing people to crash and/or injure themselves. For instance, a driver may think they’re in “Park,” but they may be in another gear, and, as you can imagine, problems arise.

All Auto Glass service Burnsville recommends that if you have any of the aforementioned vehicles, take them to your local GM dealership and get them fixed as needed.