When you need auto glass repair St Paul, All Auto Glass can get the job done. Speaking of auto glass, Jaguar Land Rover is working on something revolutionary for vehicle windshields—something akin to a racing video game, yet one that works with actual cars.

Get this— Jaguar Land Rover has developed a windshield that displays the best trajectory for dealing with a winding road or track. It’s the kind of windshield to help drivers practice their driving skills on a race track without actually having to be in an actual car, yet still delivering a very similar experience to what a “real race” would look and feel like. The new virtual windshield displays lap times and info about the other drivers involved on the circuit.

In addition, the virtual windshield gives drivers important information, displayed in their line of sight, so they know when to make smart driving decisions, like when to apply the brakes before reaching a given turn.

In some ways, we’re living in an era when man and machine are melding together in amazing ways. For now, the Jaguar Land Rover virtual windshield is in development, so give it a couple years before it most likely becomes commonplace. It has the potential to revolutionize not only driving, but transportation as a whole.

Will self-driving cars become the norm? Will we ever have flying cars? The next few decades will see many new developments in how people get from one place to another.

Meanwhile, for those of us who currently have vehicles with actual windshields instead of virtual ones, you can always rely on All Auto Glass for auto glass repair St Paul. Should you have a crack or chip in your windshield, and you’d like to make an appointment for quick and efficient auto glass repair St Paul, please call 651-659-2984